Helloo everyone !

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well, I am so excited now for the day and all the food. I’ve been baking loads so we’re all stocked up with treats for the week – I’ve even highlighted the Radio Times for all the good programs and films…

Earlier this week when it was a bright crisp day, my mum and I decided to go visit a village we used to live in called Broadway. At Christmas, it is the most beautiful place – the trees all along the high-street are filled with lights, and all the shops and restaurants are decorated in a real quaint festive nature.

We visited the Cotswold Trading shop where there was loads of little trinkets and big brands such as Cath Kidston and Kitchen Aid – I want a mixer so bad.

Next door is Sue Parkinson which sells clothes and designer pieces – I was too scared to stroke the Mulberry bags in case I convinced myself to buy one 🙁 We then headed to the Home store which was across the road and down a long path however it was so huge and, honestly, I wanted everything inside. It was Pinterest come true.

The cutlery and mugs are my favourite, it’s all matching with my clean and light settings for my ideal home 🙂

We headed down the high-street towards the arcade where there’s an amazing sweet shop called Hamiltons that stocks all homemade fudge and candy alongside fruit wine gums and Millions. Restraint needed.

The old deli has moved now and it’s decked out with so many imports I considered throwing my pre-packed salad away ! Fancy bread, Willie’s 90% chocolate, cheese…mmmmm. It’s a really nice selection of local and artisan foods.

The last shop we visited was Allofmyheart when I took the pictures of the festive ribbons and trinkets. It’s always been a lovely little shope and I think with more money to spend I could have bought so much from each place I visited.

After a bit more walking around I was starving so we headed off back home to eat some tiramisu we had made, and I said goodbye to Broadway until next week when I drive through to visit family for Christmas.

Do you have any favourite villages nearby or that you’ve visited ? And how are you preparing for Chrsitmas ?!

Until next time,

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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