Hi Everyone !

I thought I would do a little post (very photo-heavy) about my basic make-up routine. This is what I wear if I’ve gone so many days without make-up I’ve forgotten what mascara is, seeing family and close friends, or popping to do some quick shopping.

It’s very basic and minimal to look as natural as possible, and allow me to easily take it all off again quickly once I’m finished – I love a clean face 🙂

The finished look.

For my face, I use my MAC 187 brush with my Moisture SPF 15 Foundation (below) in NC20. This gives me a nice base and a slightly more tanned look – because i’m tired and it’s winter.

Then I take a very pea size amount again of NC20 and then mix in a small amount of Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, to matte down my face and to hide any redness on my cheeks, nose and forehead.

Next using my Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in 001 Dark Brown (I usually use Brown/Black as it matches my eyebrows more), I take the brush and shape my brows.

Using the Rimmel Glam Eyes in 624 Lynx, I take the brown colour with an angled brush and begin to fill in the gaps and give a light shape to my brows. I then use my eyebrow pencil to darken the inner-brow and to even out my arches.

note – i am not the best person at doing eyebrows, and mine are knowingly troublesome. I do sometimes end up with slugs !

To bring some light into my inner corners, I use Brule from my MAC quad, and then Wedge on my crease to add a subtle smoke and depth to my eyes.

Next – to prevent me looking like a washed out ghostly ghoul as my mum would say – I use my Tuscan Hills Powder brush to contour my cheekbones and add some colour to my cheeks, forehead and chin. Then using a large powder brush I just lightly brush Benefit’s Coralista on my cheeks to add a nice winter blush. This blush is much better for my skin when winter comes around and with brown hair as it keeps me from being too washed out against darker hair, plus against blonde hair I look way too pink.

Last but not least, my trusty SUGAR Advanced Lip Therapy to keep me moisturised allll day 🙂 It appears I’m nearly running low on this, oh cry. I really need some more !

And again here is the finished look (and some posey posing)

these eyebrows shame me a little sigh. 

essential listening right now 😉

I hope you all enjoyed this look, I’m hoping to get a bit more refined and post some more looks soon especially with Christmas coming around !

Also, as you’ve probably seen I am loving the new One Direction album, ‘Midnight Memories’. Happily, You and I, Diana, Midnight Memories and Little White Lies have to be my top favourites, but I do love the whole album it’s such a great progression.

Let me know your basic make-up ideas, and – if a 1D fan – your fave track from the album !

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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