Helloooo everyone !

It’s time to write up how my Start + Stoptober Challenege went; I will be really honest and say the first ten days were amazing – I did the 30 Day Shred every day, ate only clean food and no baked treats, my skin looked fab and I was writing out all my worried.
After Level 1 finished it turned out I couldn’t access the other two so I tried mixing in Blogilates with the Level 1 I had. This did work for a while, but then certain things happened that meant my routine slipped a little and I wasn’t as hard on myself as before.

Mid-month I did have a major stress meltdown about things and I thought taking time out would be better for me. It helped a lot and was able to accept my relaxation for a while, which is what you need to do if you can’t be happy.

By the end of the month my exercise regime was much freer yet still regular, I allowed myself odd treats but knew I didn’t enjoy it as much so I didn’t gobble it all up. I do think I could have stressed less and tried to be more calm but things in life always present a challenge.

I think this challenge has been useful and helped give me neccessary kick-starts; I looked and felt better which is something I’m continuing with, I’m learning to accept certain outcomes and problems and know that some things are out of my control.
I think everyone should learn these lessons at it helps you find what you want and what makes you happy, enjoy some cardio and dancing, write down your dreams and fears, take a break from self-destruction 🙂

Have a lovely Saturday,
Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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