Hello all,

I have been unusually busy recently and have only just managed to finialise everything for this post today and for my upcoming posts ! Pheww.

Recently I went on a local STA Travel Photography Workshop which featured a talk and challenge from Travel Photographer of the Year 2010 Stuart Beesley, who works for Fox & Squirrel London Walks (the company specialise in walks ranging from basic photography to fashion and corporate activities). Talking about how to take the perfect travel picture, we learnt how to capture the culture, individuals and how to be ‘aggressive’ i.e. going up to strangers and asking to photograph them.

The talk was very informative and the challenge involved four parts, taking photos around my local town. The first was to capture things related to a given colour (I was blue), then through windows (which was slightly difficult), things that were timeless and finally ‘the journey back to STA’ which I found hard because I didn’t really have a journey in mind and I just tried to make it look all Daido Moriyama.

I’ve uploaded some of my images from the day below, and they will also be published on my website and flickr 🙂

Hope you are all having a nice day,

Lots of Love,

Lauren x




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