Good afternoon everyone 🙂

I have been a very busy, hectic bee recently. So much has happened in a short space and it’s all still happening however I thought I would find a desperate moment to write this post for you to let you know what I’m doing and to give y’all some inspiration.

As you probably most likely know today is October 1st (how did this happen ?!) and in the UK October is used as the month to get the nation to quit smoking. There are also usually other abstinence goals and health promotions with charities at this time, so I thought as it was a new month I would create my own version.

The ‘Stop-and-Startober’ idea is for me to ‘Stop’ doing some things and to ‘Start’ doing other things – preety legit really. Not at all complicated !
So I have listen below in a fabulous table what I will be doing (hopefully)



Chocolate and baked goodies

Day Shred and exercising more

with my skin

more Photographs

and Stressing

time to me





fun !

In Detail :

1. Eating Chocolate and Baked Goodies – ohhh, I do like my baking. I always try to make things gluten/wheat free/vegan etc so they are healthy and they are quite nice but sometimes my mum’s brownies are the best gooey heavens ever. I do also like my chocolate and will sometimes shove half a bar of sainsburys own dark choc into my mouth, however I’m always unsatisfied and annoyed for doing so as it doesn’t fill me up. So, for one month, I will aim to get back to my previous state of not eating chocolate and baked goods, instead having fruit and yogurt and muesli etc. YUM 🙂

2. Messing with my Skin – you know the drill, we all have done it. That new spot comes along you really don’t want it there; or a blackhead looks particularly big today so…off you go. Recently due to stress and hormones my face looked not as great as usual so, for a month, I will keep my hands tied and simply smile at my face. Whilst finding the germolene.

3. Worrying and Stressing – this is a big one for me as I can sometimes overly think and convince myself of things which then leads me to restless sleep and waking up in the night panicking. I worry over money, what I’m doing with my life, people, what people might say, whether I should buy those One Direction tickets or not (stupid question), deadlines etc. From now on, I am going to dedicate half an hour before bed to writing down my feelings and thoughts, listening to relaxing music and doing some yoga and meditation to practice my breathing and to de-stress my mind before sleep whilst also realising my problems aren’t that bad and I’m the only one that matters.

4. Procrastinating – yeaaaah, sometimes I can end up on Wattpad until the early hours or sit on Pinterest for ages designing my ideal life but then I forget to actually life my life. So now, I will read Wattpad first thing in the morning for my regular updates and anything else before 10:30. That goes for Pinterest, only until 11am and then after tea. This will also hopefully help with my blogging schedule ! Sorted.

so now for ‘Start’ yay, the happy things ! 🙂
Start :
1. 30 Day Shred and exercising – once upon a time I used to do the Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge 4 times a day combined with 30 mins on the trampoline and 30 mins yoga among other things. I also did up to day 15/16 on the 30 Day Shred. Then I went on holiday, relaxed, and came home not wanting to start up again and have only just done my first ‘shred’ today. Ohmyquad. SO for a month I will complete the 30 Day Shred; I will also add in alternate days off trampolining and work my Blogilates routine back in between those days. LET’S BEAST MODE.

2. Taking more Photographs – Now with every post I tell you to go look at my work, and I say I want to be a photographer. Well, if that’s so then why have I not taken any goddamn pictures in ages ?! Stoooopid. SO by Oct 31st I aim to have two minimum new shoots completed and online.

3. Dedicating Time to Me – this one links to ‘Stop’ 2-4 really. Time to myself will include – pamper evenings once a week, doing my nails, sitting relaxing and listening to music/reading, indulging my skin etc.

4. Relaxing – again with 3, I will do more yoga and massage, learning to quieten my mind and de-stress my body, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

5. Eating Clean – I am generally already a very healthy person but I also stress about my food and I’m never consistent with my ideals. So with lists and charts accumulated from Pinterst, I will eat fully clean – and partly Paleo/Vegan – for one month to see how this with exercise helps my body. Prays for good things !

6. Embracing Things – I am a planner, I’m not one to spontaneously jump on a coach or train somewhere. I like to know what I’m doing and when so I can be prepared. But this sometimes means I miss out on what I want, so with certain things in my life changing potentially now I will learn to embrace what is given to me and push my boundaries a little 🙂

7. Having Fun ! – Like with 6, I want to enjoy myself. Being happy and healthy will help me to relax and gain clarity in my life, and hopefully a fresh perspective after a month will help me achieve what I want in me and in my lifestyle. I am going to laugh often, be content in my ways, treat myself, not worry about small things and will create great memories along the way.

I hope you like this idea and I would love it if many more of you picked up on this idea similarly; if you find this and it’s not October, start on the next new calendar month and see what happens for you 🙂
Let me know in the comments below what you think of this idea and what your Stop and Starts would be.

Lots of Love,
Lauren x 

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