Heeelloo everyone !

FINALLY I have got round to this review, it has certainly been too long. Today I’m going to talk about my favourite lip-balms ever – the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.

I purchased these in Sephora, San Francisco on a whim really; I was looking for a unique find that I wouldn’t get back home but with two hours to shop it proved difficult. I was originally looking for NYX lip-cremes after seeing Beautycrush wear them but the shop assistant told me they didn’t stock them unfortunately 🙁 I did then get side-tracked by the packaging below which she noticed and suggested I try these instead, and I really really love them.

very worn out packaging !

I spent ages trying them and being ‘persuaded’ by the sales assistant – I know your game – and had loads of shoppers come over and say “ohmagaaad they arre faaabulous, I aallways keep one in ma purrse” (excuse attempts at spelling an accent).
So I went for the Plum treatment first as I love dark colours, and the texture and colour makes it much more wearable in the day, plus it’s easy to top up and doesn’t leave awkward colour stains around the edges making it obvious your lippy has come off.
And then I spent a while milling ‘ohh do I get another, what shall I get…ohhhh’ and I thought, ‘HELL WITH IT’ I earnt some extra cash and had it here so I may as well. I decided on the Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment as I sometimes (used to) get really dry lips and found my lipbalms lasted a few hours. This lasts alllll day. It’s moisturising, it tastes like berries, it is amazing.

These were about $25 each in Sephora and I’ve seen them in the UK for £14 approx. Even as a high price for a ‘lip balm’ I would thoroughly recommend these to anyone.

They are moisturising, have full-proof staying power, and have a beautiful range of colours !

Let me know your lip balm saviours,

Lots of Love,

Lauren x




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