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I recently had a big beauty splurge so I thought I would post what I bought and my thoughts here for you here, hopefully giving you an idea of new treats for yourself or loved ones.

The Products

Clarins Products
The Cleansing Staples

Iris Toning Lotion, Gentian Cleansing Milk, Instant Eye Make-Up Remover – all from Cleansing Collection Oily/Combination (£20 + 10% at Debenhams Mega Week)

I have used Clarins products for a few years now after my mum ‘allowed’ me to use some of her things – she was very protective of her Beauty Flash Balm, now I have 5 !!

These are my staple cleansing products – I do however also use the yellow toner with Chamomile at the moment but both work with my skin easily. If you have sensitive skin I would strongly advise the Cleansing Milk as it helps get of all your make-up and the day without any aggravation. Do not make the mistake I made by buying the Cottonseed Foaming Cleanser, it leaves horrible dry patches on your face which is a big no-no.

As with the Instant Eye Make-Up Remover, with a bit of water this is very good for sensitive eyes and does not dry out the lids, removing all your make-up successfully !

(Individual Prices – Toning Lotion £18, Cleansing Milk £18, Eye Make-Up Remover £17)

Note – I also bought the One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser for my mum to share; this is my morning cleanser and can be used everyday. It isn’t too harsh and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. I also recommend using it after your Cleansing Milk for a deeper clean.

The New Hydration Oils

Contour Body Treatment Oil, “Anti-Eau” (£38 + 10% off), Lotus Face Oil (£30 + 10%)

At our local Clarins counter in Debenhams, we were recommended these two oils for our face and body. The Face Treatment Rebalancing Oils are Clarins’ staple products that first made them a big beauty name. There are three face oils to chose from depending on your skin type – Lotus for Oily/Combination, Blue Orchid for Dehydrated skin and Santal for Dry skin.

I purchased the Lotus oil for my skin type and it is the most heavenly divine oil ever to sink into my face. Honestly I highly recommend it, it smells gorgeous like you have just had a massage and it soaks right in. The direction for the oil is to use it after toning in the evening 2-3 drops for three weeks so to receive the most from the rebalancing of your skin. After this you mix 1-2 drops into your night moisturiser to keep it consistent. A bottle should last you 6-8 months which is amazzzzing…unless you forget to screw the lid tight enough which I did and I came home to find a lovely smelling suitcase and a basically near empty bottle. I was so distraught at losing so much product and the money spent, however I found an £18 bottle on eBay which will be arriving soon and I will never repeat my mistake again, never ever.

The body oil is specified as “Anti-Eau” which is for water retention (basically anti-water). You apply it to fairly damp skin and work up the body to the centre, stimulating a massage to rid the body of any excess water. I only use it on my legs to my stomach and it also smells lovely too, and lasts a long time if you use it properly.


The New Guilty Pleasure Perfume

Our Moment Perfume 100ml (£39 + 10% off)

 Okay, now before you say anything let me tell you that I did not purchase this just because I’m a fangirl (it’s a 10% reason why). When I first heard the boys were doing a fragrance I thought ‘what 19 year old boy in their right mind what’s to make a fragrance for young girls ?!’ I thought it was one step too far in my book and I would not be pre-ordering and adding it to my collection anytime soon.
Then the trailer for it came out and I spent 75% of it cringing and 25% laughing at the boys being themselves and hilarious; I know the acting was taking the piss at other perfume ads but I just found it weird. And then the PACKAGING oh my god; PINK ?! really ?! are you trying to give us all the stigma of being girly girls and young and…pink ?!
So you could see that I was not really impressed. However, I went into work and there it was, sitting on display so I thought ‘may as well try it, it’s free’ so I took a sneaky spritz when no one was watching…
and I loved it.
It was like the moment I became a fan all over again, ranting about how you aren’t interested then the moment you pay attention BAM you never see your social life again.
The scent is very sweet and reminds me of candy and apple-pie (not as sweet as Loverdose by Diesel but sweet nonetheless.) I think you could wear this anytime of the year especially S/S and it’s not too girly either so if you discard the fact it’s One Direction and that…bottle.. it’s a really great scent.
I just have to ask, really, the design is very Katie Price. I know the boys say that the girls are like their ‘princesses’ and are young but as a 19 year old fan I feel like an idiot sometimes.
(p.s. no hate to the boys though, I love them, if I get any hate that’s just silly this is my opinion. I overall love the product I just find the concept and the bottle a bit weird)

awww cute !!


The Mac Pro-Palette

Top L-R Brule, Wedge; Bottom L-R Corduroy, Mulch)

I feel so grown up now having one of these. I generally like to wear neutral tones on my eye that create a subtle smoke and emphasis of my eyes against my mascara, so I decided to move away from my dismally low M&S palette with a million colours to a good branded colour and substance.
I like to go into Mac and get secondary advice from the make-up artists so they helped suggest the colours I should use against Brule – I ended up with Mulch, Corduroy and Wedge which are very close in tone and blend easily, Mulch adding a more night-time smoke to it when worn which I love !

Palette (£6.50 + 10% off) Shadow (£10 + 10% off)

The New Staple Lipsticks

I have been an avid fan of these shades for ages, ever since watching BeautyCrush on YouTube doing tutorials. She has so many MAC lipsticks (along with Zoella and Tanya Burr) it’s enviable.

Going in I knew I was going to buy Russian Red as I have wanted it for ages and it suits my colouring perfectly; I realise this more after wearing it ! My teeth appear whiter and the red doesn’t wash my face out at all, plus the texture is perfect, sliding on perfectly and staying put for ages – a top rate here.

Snob was one of those ‘It’s a staple, I have to get it !’ and it’s a beautiful colour and really suits anyone. This is perfect for a day to wear colour on your lips without too much attention, subtle but pretty.

I did end up spending a lot (arrgghhh) however I made some great savings and investments into great products that will benefit my skin greatly and last for a long time (unless you are a rebalancing oil, watch out !)

I’m hoping to get some more posts up soon for you so stay tuned, especially for America which will be nearly over soon 🙁 cryy

Have a lovely day,
Lots of Love,
Lauren x




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