Afternoon all 🙂

I recently found my little ‘list book’ – a trusty hand made notepad that is so untidy and thrown together it houses any random ideas with no structure at all ! – and in there were some of my many ideas for blog posts which I thought ‘aHa !! I can use this today !’.

This post is named similarly I guess to a previous ‘50 Facts About Me‘ BUT behind the name is a different idea altogether, oh yes.
Now I know many bloggers do monthly favourites which I probably should do but I haven’t started that process yet – I shall, hopefully, soon – so to start I’m going to do my favourites of things all time up to now, with questions coming from my very prepared list book 😉
Before I begin I must let you know I am awful at making a solid choice on some of these; I do have many firm favourites but sometimes there are several equally good things but I’ve tried, promise !

1. Film – When I like a film, I really like a film. I will only go to cinema if I have to see it, such as This Is Us. However most of my favorite movies have been action/sci-fi/dramz such as the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy especially The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises oh man that was brilliant ! I also really enjoyed Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (I did have to ask the odd question) and the new Star Trek series.
I’m really not interested in scary horror or gore movies, I don’t see the point nor do I find them enjoyable however Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and Django Unchained are so over the top and hilarious I can stomach it – just. The Bag Scene in Django has to be my all time favourite after my friend played it constantly at college, pure classic.
The film I watch every year and over and over again without fail or bordem is The Holiday; even in June it gets me ready for Christmas ! I love the music (Hanz you are brill) and the houses – I think I’d have Jude’s it’s got the balance of both LA and Surrey. I’d also like Jude too.

2. TV Show – I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore, I used to watch all the soaps and other crap on telly but now I only watch good shows. My all time favourite for years has been Doctor Who – I started watching when it returned in 2005 and I was obsessively hooked I knew everything, I had books and websites and pictures everywhere ! My dream was to travel with David (my fave and the best) and Billie but then she left which absolutely killed me and then so did David !! I have never cried so much, it was like a family member had died. After Matt Smith joined I watched it but not as enthusiastically (I would go out and miss it without worrying), I just don’t like what Moffat’s been doing with the plotlines they are not secret then explosive they are obvious yet confusing and never answered. I’m praying the 50th does some justice (of course it will Dave and Bill are back woooo !!!)
I also absolutely love Torchwood – Captain Jack 😉 – and Sherlock; Sherlock is fantastic Moffat works so much better on this show and both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are perfectly cast. Andrew Scott is also up there with John Simm as one of the most mental and terrifying villans that are also so hot, sorrynotsorry.
Outside the dramz I’m a massive Great British Bake Off fan and want Ruby to win ! Frances annoyed me as soon as she made that squirrel cake, she’d be the one in the art class who would piss you off at all the work they’d done. Food Network is also a staple background show, and of course, Friends !! If you don’t like or watch Friends, you are weird and you need to catch up on one of society’s greatest shows.

3. Food – I like all food. There.
Okay well my favourite foods to have anyway are salad, stir-fry, a good 8-10oz steak, spinach and quinoa. OH and soya yog with granola and blueberries.

4. Drink – I don’t really drink much alcohol anymore, I did have 3 glasses of red last night and I remembered why I don’t drink it as I felt ill and my tongue tasted weird 🙁 but when I did I would have a pint of Cider Black or Prosecco or white wine.
Now I mainly drink water with lemon, peppermint tea or Pukka tea – my current fave is Revitalise it tastes like Christmas !

5. Perfume

L-R Diesel Loverdose, YSL Elle, One Direction Our Moment

As I said in my haul post, this was an unexpected like but the scent is really nice and sweet without being sickly. I wear it on the sunnier autumn days as it’s got a slight fresh scent to it, making me feel all pretty (god damn it I sound 10). The vanilla helps mellow out the grapefruit and berry tones, so again, hide the packet and give it to an unsuspecting non-fan and they’ll never know !!

This is a little piece of candy heaven. I purchased two of these after Christmas in the sale with my discount which was a complete steeaaal (see here). The floral scent combined with the mandarin and vanilla creates the sweetness with the liquorice giving it that strong kick ! Love it. Definitely one for winter weather and ‘irresistible nights’ 😉

I waited years for this perfume after trying it on at a young age. I loved the grown up smell and how warm it felt, I’m so glad I collected both parfum and toilette plus a body creme through presents ! As described it is a rich smell with the tones of ginger and jasmine but is sweetened by raspberry and peony before the rich and mature musk gives it that evening and dark day-and-night seductive feel.

6. Make-Up Item

I purchased these from Sephora San Francisco and oh my god they knock every other lip balm out the park. I won’t go into too much detail as I’ve been desperate to do my review on them but I’ll tell you now they will be the best investment ever.

7. Brand – I have two beauty ones oops. Clarins and MAC are my absolute ‘they have never put a foot wrong’ brands. Look below, that’s how much my MAC obsession has grown over a year ! It may not be BB standard but there are also two empty foundations and another lipstick, it’s not cheap but it’s worth it !

Clarins face products have always been fab on my skin and I wouldn’t really move away from them unless I had more money to freely experiment, but for now my skin is content and happy with their benefits.

Clotheswise, my favourite brands are Urban Outfitters and H&M; I do dabble in some Topshop and Zara also. Luxurywise, Burberry and Chanel have been real standouts especially the new season from fashion week – love the art print at Chanel and the sheer sexy yet feminine designs from Burberry. SO excited.

8. Bag – my favourite bag has to be the only one I’ve invested in which is my Urban Outfitters studded bag

It’s got pockets, compartments, fits on your shoulder and arm and is super-duper durable ! Definitely worth the money as I’ve used it loads.

9. Season – I like all of them for different reasons; Spring/March as it’s ma burfday yh, Summer mainly as it’s sunny (usually) and hot, there’s holidays involved and make-up free woooo tanning ! I love the warm tones and wrapping up in jumpers and layers in autumn – I love my beanie, and winter for Christmas and family but not the cold 🙁

10. Book – I have three books that I’ve read recently, and one which is my all-time fave !

I read ‘One Perfect Summer’ last year and it’s a lovely romance story, lots of drama and loss, there is one character who the main one becomes involved with which makes me so angry. But the storyline is so good it gave me many feels 😉 it involves a young couple called Alice and Joe who meet on her holiday and a relationship blossoms until drama happens and they become separated yet not over one another, so we see what happens over the years and whether they will reunite. (P.S it turns out there’s a sequel – I am buying this pronto !!)
Dare Me was a new book this year about cheerleaders in America, a normally game playing 16 year old group now pushed harder by a new coach, pushing them into competitions and pushing the relationships between the team-members and herself. It’s very dark and touches on many emotional and mental disorders which I think is informative and shocking for our generation, a definite good read !
Finally my all time favourite book (and consequently a movie too which I love) is Eat, Pray, Love. I love the life-affirming and free message it displays through the mainly year-long journey in the quest for happiness. I am in awe of Gilbert’s journey and I wish I could do it myself; to go and eat gelato and learn italian everyday, to learn to pray and meeting a hot man in Bali whey-hey. But this book helps you realise your problems can be solved, and that if you let go and surrender you can be free to do as you please. Every girl/woman/lass should read it.

11. App – I do love my iPhone so being able to go on Twitter and Instagram on the go is a blessing !

12. Photographer – My all time favourites have to be Tyler Shields and Terry Richardson. I do have other favourites but these two have influenced my work most. I love the simplicity of the surroundings they shoot in against the extreme and raw subjects they display. They have been said to be sexualising or demeaning women but I believe they are allowing these individuals – who include men also – to release deep desires through this artistic therapy.

13. Album – Even though I am a huuuuuuge One Direction fan and love both their albums AND am excited for the new one, no album as touched me so much and represented all my fears and feelings than Marina and the Diamonds’ ‘Electra Heart’.

From ‘Fear and Loathing’ to ‘Teen Idle’ I feel Marina captures everything I feel and shows it to me, making me feel stronger and more understood than before. A definite listen.

14. Youtuber – I have sooo many now after my mate Lauren (ha same name how funny) introduced me to the ‘British Youtubers’ + Tyler Oakley. I LOVE them. There’s Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Joe Sugg, Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes who are my faves along with Tyler. They are hilarious and relatable plus all of them like One Direction and have met them so I love them but am jealous. I wish we were friends.

15. Place – has to be either London, Positano or Rome. Absolute heaven.

16. Restaurant – I’m not a massive going out and eater I guess however for pizza I recommend Bottalini’s and in London, Maxwell’s. Best food and Nojitos everrrrr.

17. Idol – Marina and Rihanna are pretty damn high up there along with Beyonce because, hey, if you can be Beyonce then you sure well be Beyonce ! I love the image they put out there that curvy girls can be sexy and not make everyone feel they need to be skinny, that we can all celebrate our shapes.

18. Memory – I think it would have been some of the stuff on my old baby video – even though I don’t personally remember a lot of it and the fact my mum taped over it…traumatic – like my 1st birthday and playing in the bathtub.

19. Item in My Room – my bed. and my Niall poster.

20. Hobby – photography (obvs) and social media such as Pinterest/Twitter/Tumblr; I like planning my life through pictures and being in contact with the world.

21. Piece of Jewellery

I bought the green ring in Laguna Beach, and it was designed by a local artist with only two made ! It’s so pretty and I love a statement piece, it adds glamour to a day outfit or makes an evening one. The two white ones are my staple rings, I wear them everyday all the time (L – Topshop, R – Boots). They go with anything and it feels weird not to wear them ! Finally my Urban Outfitters necklace was a purchase from the Christmas sales that I’m so pleased I made; I love this style as it fits under a collar as a piece of tough/punk jewellery and adds an edge to any outfit. I wear it so often to toughen up a look.

22. Photo of You / and a Friend

17th Birthday Party 1 

New York 2011 Statue of Liberty                                                       Party in 2011

Rome 2012
With Georgia 2011
With Ellie and Beth in our last Philosophy lesson 2012
with Lauren, 2011
New Year’s Eve 2011

23. Subject – Photography obviously ! But my last year of A-Levels were the best, I enjoyed every lesson I had.
24. Teacher – it’s a toss up between my college tutor John who was fab and really taught me a lot, Mr Constance – my Philosophy teacher, and Mr Hazael my art teacher because he was fun and did help me finally find something I was good at in art.

25. Person – I’d have to say my mum (n’aw)

Okay so this post turned out reeeaallly long and full of pics so I’m posting the other half tomorrow ! I’m now off for Sunday breakfast, so enjoy your day everyone !
Lots of Love,
Lauren x 

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