Helloooo there everyone !

Apologies for the delay but I have been so buried under things I’ve not had time to jump back here to update you on my travels, but fear not because here is Day 9.

We decided today would be our ‘day out’ and the toss up was between Universal Studios or Sea World San Diego. The latter won as it was more Grace friendly with all the animals (i was really looking forward to battling King Kong sigh) so off we set after our breakfast to San Diego.

We arrived around 12 and it was a little chilly with the wind, wishing I wasn’t wearing shorts but I’m glad I did. To get in for for of us it was over $300 which I thought was ridiculous and I was in my right mind to say drive home but we paid and went in (I really think things like this are overpriced, and tbf you can see penguins and stuff in England – maybe not Shamu but okay).

Our first stop was the reptile and nocturnal animals which was okay, there were sloths and otters there. After me and my dad went on the Atlantis ride which was really good, we got right at the front and very very splashed from the drop ! Totally recommend this roller-coaster water-ride.

After that we went on a Antarctic helicopter simulation where we ‘unexpectedly’ almost crashed after a storm warming – I know your game Sea World 😉 Once landed we arrived to see some Beluga whales and sea lions doing some tricks which was really good too but it stank of fish ! The rest of the area had been made to feel as cold as the Antarctic which was cool – haha – and we also got to see a Polar Bear resting for mating season, thankfully separated by glass.

We had a quick stop off at the penguins before going for lunch. Food I would say is limited at Sea World as it is with most parks and you can’t take food in so we ended up at this grill place where it was chicken or ribs. It was okay but you can’t really get into the food and the salad by my standard was just…angering.

Next up was sharks and that was good once we got into the tunnel for them to swim over us as they were bigger than the ones inside the pools. By then we went off to see a show which was a horizon based display of sky-meets-sea so there were dolphins and parrots and a vulture ! that was a bit scary I won’t lie.
It was all very cheesy and princessy which is okay, and also you get soaked in the first 10 rows so it was hilarious watching people run away.

One of the things me and my dad like are rides so we were on the hunt for Manta, the newest ride at Sea World, and I gotta say – wow. The queue was teeeeny (okay we missed Shamu but whatevs) and this lovely family let us go in front because there was only two of us. The ride itself is really unexpected, I imagined a basic ride typical of water parks but that was really knocked out the park; you start by shouting ‘YEEHAAAA’ thanks to the stewards and enter this dark tunnel, then you slowly move back and forth as projections of the sea appear around the tunnel. Then the music builds you’re moving back and forth a bit further and then WHOOOSSH you are launched top speed out the tunnel over tall twists and turns and sudden stops it’s so so good one of the best rides I’ve been on ever and that’s saying a lot.

As we missed Shamu we decided to see one last show before going home. The show involved an otter and a a walrus..or a sea lion…I think it was a walrus but the TRUE star of the show was Biff the ‘cleaner’ who did loads of impressions and dancing, including an impressive Harry Styles one (see below).

IT’S HARRY STYLES !! (i wish)

In the end, I think Sea World is okay and for that I really don’t find $300 a reasonable amount the charge. Yes you have sea animals and it goes towards maintenance etc. but I could see most of these animals back home even cheaper. So for that I’d say go to Universal instead, or Disney.

I’ll see you back here soon guys, I have a haul planned and some reviews as well as the last three days of America 🙂

Lots of Love,
Lauren x




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