Hey there friends 🙂

I have another travel post about America yaaaaay !

Our first proper day in Laguna was ‘oh finally no travelling let’s just sit in the sun and do nothing’. Perfect.
We went to the partnered restaurant for breakfast and it was not great unfortunately. No yogurt, no granola, just fried stuff with cream and even that wasn’t good so I made sure we never returned.

Getting back to the hotel we grabbed some seats (and then moved because the kids kept jumping in right by us and my Gatsby book was getting wet) and just lounged in the sun for hours. The temperature and weather was perfect for sunbathing so we stayed by the pool for a few hours before heading down to the sea for a bit.
I did refuse to get in the sea as the salt makes my skin itchy – i’m a sensitive baby – plus it was freezing, my feet felt like ice ! The beach is really lovely and is well looked after as we saw people turning the sand over nightly, plus there’s a strict marine policy where you can’t remove, pick up or drop anything on the beach including the crabs, seaweed etc. which is really good for promoting marine biology. We saw some crabs and small fish in the rock pools which was really cool and there was really interesting rocks both in the sea and cliffs which were amazing photographs.

For lunch I persuaded my fam to go to Whole Foods and by the end of the trip I had successfully converted them to Whole Foods and lovely goodness, they were surprised there was variety – snaps for being up-to-date with the health food. I had a lovely salad full of quinoa, spinach, chickpeas, cucumber and other yummy stuff that satisfied my tummy 🙂

We stayed up by the pool until about 5 and I forgot to put sun-cream on and I burnt my back which I had been prepping for so long so I made Grace slather my back five times in after-sun which really worked.
That evening we went to to a French restaurant called C’est La Vie which was really nice, we decided to go in because of the amazing looking pastries *mouth waters* but if sitting outside you will need a jumper it’s freezing again in the evenings.
I had a salad and there was varients of burgers and pork across the salad but that’s not important, what is is the pudding ! At the end of the meal they present you with a platter of french treats all made by one man in the restaurant and they look amazing, so so good. I had a Napoleon, my dad and sister a fruit tart and my step-mum had a strawberry tart. The only downside I have of my own pudding was that it was a bit solid in that I couldn’t cut it into pieces and it was way too big to hold which is frustrating when you want to eat it.
My family didn’t rate theirs as highly either saying they’d had better but they were good, it tasted nice but for my the size and the density made it difficult to eat.

So that’s Day 8 and I’ll be back soon with more. I’m also planning some more reviews and posts but they will come after America so not to interrupt the flow of the postings, so stay tuned !

Lots of Love to you all,
Lauren x




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