Hello there friends !

It’s reached the time where I’m posting the penultimate post of my America travels 🙁 it’s been fun reminiscing about my trip and makes me want to return so much more.

Today’s post takes us to the amazing LA, even the small amount of it…

After convincing my dad to take me and my sister to LA, we drove an hour to the big city (which was the same day as the TCAs AHHHHH) and it looked amazing. I say looked because my dad was adamant on staying in the car and touring the ‘few’ sites and leaving in an hour which really annoyed me because I wanted to see the Hollywood sign and other major attractions.

 We started at the Chinese Theatre and got to see some of The Walk Of Fame and some of the concrete hand-prints which were really amazing.
Next was a quick drive to Beverly Hills which did look so so luxurious and private, if I was rich enough and lived in America, I would love to live there.

My dad then tried to take us to Rodeo Drive which I was excited about as I love Pretty Woman, but we ended up in a residential street of the same name 🙁
That was enough to make my dad decide to drive back to Laguna so all in all, I was let down with my ‘day trip’.

Another sad fact is that I was 8 minutes away from One Direction *cries into a bowl of granola and yogurt*, unforgivable that is. Oh well.
The rest of the day consisted of staying by the pool, with my sister and I going to an ice-cream parlour called Tutto Amore for a little treat. We were going to do a ‘Lauren and Grace VS Ice Cream’ however we never got round to it 🙁 I had cookie dough and Grace had chocolate, both very very delicious.

I’ve been finalising my plans for new blog posts so they should be up sooooon eep !
Lots of Love to you all,
Lauren x




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