Good evening all, hope you are all well !

It’s starting to get chilly here in England so I’m looking forward to wrapping up warm and staying inside forever until March 🙂

 Whilst I’m getting used to my jumpers and beanie again, let’s reminisce about summer with my next update on America yaaaaay !

The day after Sea World was just relaxing and staying around Laguna as my step-mum wasn’t well, so I decided to check out the quirky boutiques and shops and spend my dolla on the good stuff.

Or maybe not.

Because it’s mega expensive in Laguna, the most basic but good quality items start at $60 and when you already have similar things it makes you sad you can’t spend your money and have a unique treat.

Luckily I found this amaaazing boutique called Tamara’s Vieux Carre and everything was so amazing, luxurious and unique I just wanted to buy it all. The clothes were floatey and light with a strong use of linen, ranging from German to American and local designers.
I was finding it hard to find an item of clothing or piece that was going to be useful back home, until I reached the jewellery counter; now I love my rings and I found this amazing one-off green jewel stone ring that was so beautiful and a great statement piece ( if you follow my Instagram you may have seen it ) I had to get it. It did cost me $72 (!!!!) so I went away to mull it over, but I knew I wanted it especially as it was a one-off so there we go, my pretty diamond shaped treat.

Tamara’s Vieux Carre

After shopping I went to meet my family at the pool before heading to Pizza Lounge for some lunch. I have to really highly rate the food here it was absolutely amazing and such a great price I could have had my hot vegetable salad AND a pizza it was that good. My dad went for a special individual Hawaiian pizza and my sister a caprese pizza which were both baked on the most divine bread – it was thin and doughy I was praising god. Please promise you will go.

After more time at the pool, we got ready for dinner (we do love our food) and again the evening was an instance of needing to pre-book a year in advance (okay maybe a night) and ended up luckily grabbing a table at Rock n’ Fish. The menu was really good, obviously seafood based but there was steak and chicken and a good childrens menu for my sister.

I had a chicken and mozarella salad and my dad had a hot sandwich. Now my sister, she doesn’t usually eat a lot and is fussy but tonight when her mum was not here she had: her own meal (a burger and veg) 5 pieces of my chicken and my dad’s chips. And bread. I was impressed.

After a cold stroll we went back to our rooms where I snuggled down to a lovely double bed ready for Los Angeles baby yeeeaaaah !!

See you all soon, I have some exciting posts planned 😉
Lots of Love,
Lauren x 

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