Welcome back to my trip of America !

I hope you enjoyed hearing about San Francisco and now it’s time to talk Yosemite. We only stayed here the night as a stop off on our way to Las Vegas but Yosemite is a place of true outstanding natural beauty.

Yosemite National Park spans 761,268 acres and is known for its granite cliffs and clear lakes, and also the effects of the most recent ice-age which created many glaciers across the park.

The park is home to many bears and deers with some animals sadly becoming extinct within the time the park has become maintained. There are many activities including hiking, climbing and snowshoeing however as I’m not really into that kind of thing I was glad we missed this for our trip – maybe one day I’ll try but I’m not one for that type of activity.

From San Francisco to Yosemite Cedar Lodge where we stayed took about 4 hours in the car, not including our stop at the Black Bear Diner which was soooo good and the puddings looked huge and tasty but we didn’t stop for one 🙁 cry.

Reaching Yosemite Cedar Lodge in the afternoon, we just sat by the pool for a few hours soaking up the 35 degree heat – finally some warmth and time to catch up with one of my new books, Dare Me by Megan Abbott.

That evening we ate at the on-site restaurant where I had a salad which I’m amazed to say actually beat me and I could not finish it – I was quite disappointed with myself haha.

The next morning we set off early for Las Vegas and took in all the natural beauty for the next 2-3 hours whilst making our way out the park. We stopped off at a viewing site that overlooked some of the rocks smoothed by glacial ice and, through a telescope, we could see people climbing the Half Dome which was pretty amazing as you are only strapped onto rope and pulling yourself up by it too – too risky for me !

Between the end of the park and Vegas, there was a good 100 miles without any food or stops so make sure you pack some snacks for younger siblings or children (or yourself, I lived off Polo’s until we found a Subway !!) as it’s a long time without food and my sister whined a lot.

Black Bear Diner 
The pool at Cedar Lodge

The monster !!

at the viewing platform (Half Dome just to the left of my head, the tall peak !)

So that was our time in Yosemite and I hope you have enjoyed reading about it !

Keep posted for Sin City coming shortly….ahhhh Vegas !!

Lots of Love,

Lauren x




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