Hello again πŸ™‚

It’s time for part twoooooooooooooo !! Enjoy.

San Francisco

31st July – 3rd Aug

For our penultimate day, we decided to some sightseeing and shopping (yaaaaay) starting with Chinatown. Coming from Union Square, you get to see the Chinese Gate at its best. It’s a really great piece of architecture and you can get photos of it easily. The start of Chinatown from this area is – sadly – majorly westernised with pawn shops and stores selling t-shirts saying ‘I <3 SF’ etc, however there is some really great graffiti around here which I loooovvveeeeeee.

When you finally reach ‘China’ it’s fast-paced and moving like a city, full of supermarket of fresh produce and native speakers, it’s as if you’ve been transported to Shanghai ! It’s really amazing.
We walked on further – and thankfully not over hills – to Lombard Street, famous for its zig-zag make-over after an earthquake. The walk up to the street almost killed me again it’s about a 45 degree angle definitely worked my thighs πŸ™
It’s really pretty and surrounded by flowers and the traditional wooden Victorian era houses (would love to live in one), making its way up to the top of Russian Hill which gives a breathtaking view of the whole city.

We then walked back down to Fisherman’s Wharf and visited the Pier there, stopping off for lunch at Bubba Gumps – a really fun place, and I got a really cool light up cup saying ‘Mama Thinks I’m Special πŸ˜‰ The food is better than fast food but I’m no fish person so no shrimp for me, however I came first in the Forrest Gump quiz and got a high 5, proud.

I bought a souvenir t-shirt and San Francisco snapback to remember my time here which are both pretty comfy and cool before heading back to the hotel and having a quick nap before hitting the shops !

I started in Macy’s and I have to say the customer service in America is waaaaaay better than here in the UK, the assistants seek you out, take the clothes your carrying and ask your name and introduce themselves before setting up a dressing room especially for you. It felt weird at first but it’s nice that although that a sale is to be made, the effort has been taken to make you feel special whilst shopping.

I ended up buying a lacy jumper and beige/stone soft trousers from a new brand called Maison Jules – they literally launched it the day before I bought it ! The brand and collection is so beautiful, very classically french and feminine it called out to my neutral and sophisticated side. I purchased the Sophie trousers in a US 10 because the 8 felt a bit tight however on returning home I realised I have made my classic mistake of buying trousers when carrying holiday weight and after eating a lot of food so they are starting to feel loose πŸ™ but they are so soft so i’ll persevere ! My only downsides to these trousers are that when I attempted to remove the fabric label on the back, it tore a noticeable hole in the trousers which after spending around $60 on them was a real shame. The hole can be covered by most tops I own yet I feel let down by something I expected good quality in. They also catch easily so if you are wearing bracelets that can catch or a table corner, be wary as the stitching starts to catch and pull, again, a great shame. The jumper however is perfect for spring to autumn, probably winter but with layers and is very dressy so can be worn day and night (expect an OOTD with these soon !)

My final SF purchases came on a whim in Sephora. OOooh Sephora, I could live there, work there ! I was originally looking for NYX lip-creme as seen on Beautycrush however they don’t stock it there. That led me to be drawn to something similar looking but entirely different of course, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

These. Are. Amazing.

I love having lip balm me all the time, and when you want lipstick but hate the fuss of reapplying or it not looking as good as when you left, these are perfect. I’ll do a better review at a later date but for now I’ll say I purchased the Advanced Lip Treatment and Berry with SPF 15 – yay !

It was my step-mum’s birthday that day so we went out for a nice dinner at Cafe Claude. Our waiter was native of France, which made the meal all the more better as the food was perfect too, us all having varients of duck and chicken – succulent !
I had a crème brûlée which was lovely and creamy, the perfect amount of sugar on top also yummm.

That was our last full day in SF so an early night was needed (not forced, still jet lagged) before we left for Yosemite, and I had a really wonderful time.
San Francisco is a truly vibrant city; it’s much calmer and quieter than New York and you feel quite safe there. There’s a lot of good food and healthy too but it’s still quite chilly so many jumpers would be needed if I returned, not my sun-sun-sun packed clothes for the rest of California.
I would definitely recommend any young people and adults visiting, it’s very hit and relaxed so you’d have a great time, I’d love to visit once I was 21 to check out the night life πŸ™‚

Hope you have enjoyed SF, stay tuned for Yosemite and Vegas !

Lots of Love,
Lauren x




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