Hello everyone,

As promised this is my first post of my holiday to the US of A, so enjoy !

San Francisco 

31st July – 3rd Aug

My first full day in SF was the Thursday, involving a very long bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge organised by Blazing Saddles. Before we took off, we had a look around Ghirardelli Square which is home to the famous – and most amazingly smooth – chocolate. We were offered free caramel samples which were amazing, I would definitely recommend purchasing it over Cadbury’s.

The bike ride started around 10 – 10:30am and took us along the waterfront and hills until reaching the bridge. There a various stops (trust me it’s needed) so you can stop and take some amazing photos of the bridge and landscape around you. Even though you work up a large sweat biking, it is very cold in SF never topping over 19 degree celcius so take jumpers when visiting (and more than one, don’t make that mistake unlike me – sweaty jumpers are not nice to wear)

The journey took around 4 hours and finishes the main track in neighbouring Sausalito. You are welcome to continue the journey another 20-40 miles around the forest and other towns but we were definitely done by then. 

The company has fantastic organisation, offering single or tandem bikes for your use. There is a lot of cycling up hills, sharing the path with walkers and at some point having to cycle on the highway which can be daunting but stick to the lane and brake a lot ! From experience I would highly ask you ask for a soft seat because the hills, pressure and long journey really make your bum hurt and when we had to ride our bike back I was in so much pain, however I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone visiting, and if I lived there I would work for the company because they had very good legs 🙂

helmet head Lauren by the Golden Gate Bridge – sexy.

We spent our afternoon in Sausalito having lunch at Napa Valley Burger Co. which was so nice. I had a chicken salad and it was delicious, definitely recommend the restaurant. That was topped off by a trip to Lappert’s – the ice cream and frozen yogurt is AMAZING it’s huge and so tasty !

We then took the ferry back to Pier 41 and biked our way back to the shop before taking a cable car back to our hotel. NOTE if you are going to use cable cars, they are really busy after 11 until the evening so you end up waiting an hour and a half to take a $6 ride when you could walk (we waited as we’d pre-paid SILLY)

i’ll be back soon with more adventures, so keep checking back 🙂

Lots of Love,

Lauren x




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