Good Tuesday Evening to you all 🙂

Time for another day in USA and it’s the last full day in Las Vegas *crying*

Our last day in Vegas was pretty unorganised – we originally planned to visit the Grand Canyon but our car wasn’t insured to off-road and the ‘pretty’ area was a 4 1/2 drive away so… we didn’t go, which was a real shame because I was so excited to go see it. Instead we headed of to Boulder to see the Hoover Dam.

The Hoover Dam is about one hour from Vegas and is situated right on the state boundary of Nevada and Arizona so at least I went to Arizona for around two minutes !

The Dam is a really impressive build and helped provide water for many surrounding towns and states, a true symbol of America creating work out of the Great Depression and succeeding.

We stayed for around 30 – 40 mins before returning back to hotel to spend our last few hours in the pool. My sister and I spent ages in the wave pool, finally getting her to go deeper into the water and surfing the waves to the end which was great fun 🙂

That evening we returned to the Paris Casino to watch Jersey Boys; what a fantastic show ! I have liked Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons since I was about 11 and the show was pure entertainment, hilarious and great accents. Even with swearing it’s family friendly and tells the breakthrough story of four young men who helped define an era – please please please go watch !!
Before the show we stopped off at Cafe Belle Madeleine which is the most amazing patisserie ever ! The treats were huge as was our ice-cream – seriously England it’s 2 scoops to 1 over there sort it out. Delicious.

I was really sad to be leaving Las Vegas; I loved our room and hotel and the heat (of course) plus I wanted to see the Canyon, however it gives me more excuse to return 😉

Tune in for the start of my Laguna Beach adventures,

Lots of Love,
Lauren x 

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