Hellooo there again 🙂

It’s time to continue our journey around Vegas, giving you the ins and outs of my holiday !

By our fifth day away we needed some time to just relax and take it easy so we decided to have an easy breakfast – at the most amazing hotel buffet ever may I had, two bowls of yog and granola for me ! – and go down to the pool for a few hours. By the time we got there it was already packed and most of the shady spots and seats near the main pools were gone but we found some by the wave pool which were still perfectly fine.
The atmosphere by the pool is great, there is constant music playing which really gets you in a party mood and saves you from needing an iPod as all the songs are recent (with the odd golden oldie). I took my camera down with me so I didn’t go in the pool much as I didn’t want to leave it unattended however in the heat you really need to take a few dips as you get too hot quick and end up needing to leave, which we did.

We decided to take a walk down the strip, stopping off at various casinos as we went. We visited the Luxor and Excalibur picking up a slice of pizza from, well,  Slice of Pizza and some frozen yog on the way – FINALLY I’ve had a slice, although I still want a NY slice sobs.
The MGM Grand is, well, GRAND. It’s like a luxury cruise ship its amazing, bet it costs a bomb though although I don’t mind a lil’luxury.
We hopped on the tram towards the Venetian which saved us a twenty minute walk and headed off to have a look around the make-shift Italy. Indoors, there is a Madame Tussaud’s, Barneys and an ahhhmmaaaazzzing chocolate apple stop the apples were as big as my two fists put together.

Mandalay Bay Wave Pool
Slice of Vegas

MGM Grand
Outside The Venetian
Huge apples !!

Leaving the cool indoors of the Venetian, we made our way to the Fashion Show Mall to finally do a stop of shopping. I was determined to buy something one-off or at least some Ray-Bans to replace my broken wayfarers. I spent some time milling about in Topshop and Free People before I decided to check out the deal with Victoria’s Secret.

I can safely say now I am a VS convert; the range is amazing, the service is amazing also and the bags are just so preeettyy.

I got a few things but I wanted to keep some money for Laguna so unfortunately the rare set I wanted will never be mine *cries over ugly underwear*. I also failed to get Ray-Bans but hey ho.

After that we headed off for early dinner at the Paris Casino, dining at the Mon Ami Gabi. We sat outside in the nice hot air directly across from the fountain display at Caesar’s Palace and ate a lot of delicious bread ! I had a vegetable plate with quinoa which was very nice but a bit sweet for me. I then stole some of my dad’s dessert – toffee and banana crepes ummm heaven ?!

The fountain display was really great to watch even from across the street and rounded off our day nicely before we left to go back to our rooms. Another night of bliss in a double bed calling – lovely.

Outside the Mirage.

I also want to take this opportunity to express my happiness/gratitude/excitement/shock and thanks to find I have reached over 1000 page views on my blog now !
I am amazed so many people have been reading this blog and what I have to say, it’s really nice to see I have interesting things to say that you like, so thank you 🙂

Stay tuned for more Vegas adventures, leave a comment below if you like and see you all soon !

Lots of Love,
Lauren x




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