Howdy howdy howdy !

Riiiight, it’s time for the rest of Day 4 and we’ve arrived to our penultimate destination – VEGAS.

We arrived to 40 degree (!!) heat later that afternoon and boy, until you’ve been somewhere that heat you don’t realise how hot that feels.

We stayed at the Mandalay Bay Casino where you ‘aren’t a tourist, you are a resortist’ 😉 but seriously I could live here. Our bedroom was amazing, we both got double beds each that were so comfortable, the mini bar was stacked with M&M’s, and the bathroom…oh my god the bathroom. Both my sister and I could fit in the bath with room, there was a sink each, a TV to watch whilst relaxing and a big-ass shower in the corner *dies*

You don’t get a balcony with the room because they want you to use the pool facilities which are fantastic (but more on the next post) and don’t get fooled by the temperature in your room, it will be 3 times warmer outside.

That evening we went for dinner at the neighboring New York New York casino that my dad had visited before. As a complete replica of NYC it includes the famous Gallagher’s Steakhouse which is the best blummin steak I’ve had in ages ! The basic sirloin is 20oz !! 20 !! I went for a 10oz and thought I’d beast it but I was almost beaten, I got it down and it was amazing I thoroughly recommend you go and eat there (either NYC or LV)

After that we strolled down the strip towards Ceaser’s Palace before catching a cab down to Freemont Street to watch the large over-head performances of Queen and Bon Jovi. It’s a really fantastic idea and it feels like you are at a concert from the amount of noise, however I found the area quite dodgy and not enjoyable to be within. As I said before most places in America feel very safe including the top end of the strip where I stayed but here I felt a bit on edge and nervous with the types of people that were around – this may just be me and you might be fine, I have no disrespect for people who enjoy that part of town and work there, it’s just not for me.

Our room at Mandalay Bay
Outside New York New York

That’s all for now, tomorrow is more Vegas !

Lots of Love,

Lauren x 

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