Hello there friends 🙂

It’s time for another America post, and it’s off to Laguna we go.

Leaving Las Vegas was very sad, I’d really enjoyed my time there – the heat, the room..mainly the room but there was so much else to explore !
Our final car journey wasn’t as long as our previous thank god however four hours was going into our lunchtime so thankfully we stopped off at the most amazing diner I have ever been to. Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner is the best diner ever, fact. It’s just off the highway (crossing into Route 66 so I have been told) and is a really cute small size with just a few booths and bar-stools yet it is constantly full.

I had the chocolate milkshake which was aaahhmazing and a Richard Nixon turkey sandwich with salad and coleslaw yummyummy, and I’ve head via a good source (my dad) that the apple pie a la mode is very tastty too so if you ever are in that part of America, go or you shall regret it !

After a few more hours – and detours – we finally reached Laguna Beach and it is so so amazing there. It’s a great sized down and you immediately get that artistic, creative feel from the area. There’s loads of galleries, craft shops, and also a tonne of healthy food places – I am in heaven here seriously, I wouldn’t mind living here or having a rental.

The weather in Laguna is great all year round, but there was some grumbles from residents that there was cloud in the morning until 11 but we didn’t complain it was 27 degrees !

We stayed at The Inn @ Laguna Beach in a basic room and even that was fine, we got a double bed each, good sized bathroom and very generous wardrobe. The more you pay, the better the view and walk-out access to the pool you get, but that’s a given. Whatever you book here is a great size and comfort plus the wash samples are brilliant (totally did not steal all mine..)

The hotel is situated right at the end of the North Beach at the end of the main broadwalk, so walking down the steps you hit the beach and sea immediately and it’s just amazing. Seeing all the typical California palm trees and sand, it was perfect.

We had a quick walk around the town to get our bearings and see where we could eat, however we instead found an ice cream shop which served some pretty good sorbet – and of course in a very generous helping 😉

I would suggest picking up some dining leaflets from the Visitor’s Centre as the catergorise by cuisine, child friendly-ness and price. This was a great help when it came to my sister.

Before dinner we stayed at the hotel’s main balcony as the hold free drinks for adults 4pm – 5pm and cookie and milk in the lobby from 6 (I will not say no to a free cookie, who cares about the alcohol) so everyone is a winner !

For dinner we headed to Polina Salerno for some Italian food. It’s a very small yet popular restaurant, however this is common with Laguna. In high season, I would reaaally stress you book tables for dinner as 1) you will get to eat 2) you will have to wait two hours otherwise, however we were lucky most of the time during our stay but there were some places we didn’t get to try because of not booking.

To eat we shared bruschetta and mushrooms, I had a salad, and everyone else had either spaghetti or meat I can’t really remember I was very into my salad – sorry !

Pelicans !

After that we headed on back, and in the evenings it gets very chilly so, again, remember a jumper or something otherwise you are clenching badly ! Also, most places close around 9 so no Mediterranean lifestyle for you if you fancy a late dinner – a shame really when you spend 5-7 making yourself look pretty.

Hope you enjoy and see you soon for more about Laguna.

Lots of Love,
Lauren x




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