Hello Again,

As promised, this post comes in two part and here’s the second for you; a lovely haul ! I got some real good bargains and essentials on my valentines shop, a mix of fitness and beauty products.

Scholl Shape-up Trainers, Speed Rope and Pilates ‘Figure 8’ Rope – TK Maxx
I cannot WAIT to wear these trainers, they’re such a great quirky colour so hopefully nobody will really notice what kind of trainers they are, plus it means i’m always getting a workout through the day even if it’s correcting my posture and toning up my legs and bum !! YAY !! i’m all for the easy. 
Tuscan Hills Powder Brush – TK Maxx; I am yet to use this product yet but hopefully it’ll be a better condition and bristle than my sonja brush as its original RRP was £8/9

NOW, for my absolute STEAL of the day (and the year so far) I have been lusting after this perfume after I saw the gift set on sale in the Bullring just after Christmas and had a cheeky spritz – it’s so sweet and cheeky it’s a nice transition from winter to S/S and i’ve been needing something new. I’ve been saying i’ll buy myself the set as it’s a real good deal but alas due to college and where I am at weekends i’ve never been able to get it, and when I go to other stores they have completely sold out ! 🙁 Last weekend at work I noticed we had loads left so mum made me go in and buy the set and then when she noticed the current sale price (due to our offers on atm) was REAALLY GOOD she made me buy two. So I rock up to the counter like ‘hi, how are you, just these please’ and the sales person was like ‘great deal etc, thats this much price’ but i then gave her my beauty card (got a £5 voucher on that wooo !) so she puts it all through and says ‘are you ready for this?..” and im like ‘YES PLEASE TELL ME MY DEAL !!”
Before I reveal let me tell you what you get in the gift set; a 50ml Eau de Parfum (PARFUM!!) plus a 200ml Body Lotion and some tattoo thing. So keep that in mind… I got TWO gift sets, 100ml of perfume and 400ml of lotion for… £29 !!!! oh my god I was like life is great haha !

Loverdose Gift Set – Debenhams
Tea Tree and Witchhazel Nose and Face Pore Strips + Face Mask , Scunci Clear hairbands and Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown – Boots
I’ve been needing a new eyebrow pencil for aaages as mine is near its end and my other makes my brows look ginger – not good. I usually use 004 brown/black but I thought maybe that’s getting too dark, it suits but can be dark so I’ve downgraded for now to 001 Dark Brown. Hopefully it won’t have a red tinge to it but thank goodness for new pencils !

Hope you have had a lovely day and enjoy !
Lauren x


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