Sunday, February 05, 2017

Britton Loves is a blog dedicated to all that inspires and excites the mind and embraces creativity - from beauty and skincare to fashion and lifestyle, this blog explores a variety of topics with the aim of inspiring your daily reading.

About Britton Loves

Britton Loves is a blog creating content three times a week on the blog and once a week on YouTube, focusing on a wide range of topics. Originally a space to share thoughts on photography and fashion, Britton Loves has grown into a hub of skincare and lifestyle, leading to being shortlisted as Best Longstanding Beauty Blog in the 2015 #BloggersBlogAwards.

About Lauren

The lady being the blog, Lauren has been typing here since 2012 to evolve and find her voice online. With a background in photography and winning Company Magazine's Fashion Photographer to Watch competition in 2014, Lauren has a visual mindset and creative language to bring original content to the web every week.
Passionate about life and happiness, Lauren aims to bring awareness to a variety of topics, to help bridge connections and bring inspiration to people one day at a time.
Lauren is also a freelance photographer to hire within Surrey, London and Brighton - you can see her work in publication here.


What camera do I use? Until March 20515 I shot all my blog photos on a Canon 500D with a 50mm lens, and from March 2015 onwards I used a Canon 70D with a 50mm lens. Currently I shoot on either the Canon 5D MIII with 35mm lens or the Canon 70D. I have also used the Olympus Pen E-PL7 with a 14-42mm lens.
How do you edit your photos?  I edit them on Photoshop CC.
Are you on YouTube? YES! My channel is youtube.com/brittonloves, full of a mix on vlogs, hauls, beauty and creative videos.
How do I contact you?  Please use the 'contact me' tab on the menu above!

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