Friday, July 18, 2014

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Helloooo everyone !

So with nice weather - and time - I've been able to pop in a couple of photos of my daily outfits before running errands and doing work again ! Hooray !

I apologise for any grumps, I have been waking up earlier and working late (I say working late, I'm in bed at 10:15pm !) so excuse the tired face. Today I've thrown on one of my favourite little dresses and added some edge with a thrifted shirt tied around the waist, obviously following my love of blue.

Dress - Red Herring | Shirt - Thrifted | Sandals - Hush Puppies

I really love clashing patterns, by keeping the colour scheme the same it's easy to natch different styles and still pull it off. This dress is a perfect skater length and kicks out just at the right part of the waist to make your shape look so nice, and I've found since having my hair chopped my outfits look so different and have a new edge which makes me a feel a bit more grown-up in my looks - do you ever find that ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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