Sunday, June 01, 2014

| all the best personal stuff from my instagram this month |

Helloooo everyone !

Happy June 1st to you all,we're halfway through 2014 now which is totally cray-cray. As part of a new month, we need a new round-up so here are all the pictures in the month of May

Top Row - Customising old clothes | Making cauliflower rice for tea | Lunch made by me and my sis | Kinder Bueno + Coconut Ice Cream against Jaffa Cake Ice Cream | Me and the little one
Second Row - Important questions | NOMINATE BRITTON LOVES FOR BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG + NEWCOMER (more below) | Quacahummus - yum | Post-Blogilates snack | Photographing for the blog 
Third Row - Found my mouse hat | Vogue Breakfast | Chanel Les Beiges which is lush | Cut a mango and made a smoothie | Summer Salads
Forth Row - Mum's top-notch gardening | 5am Sunrise | Make-up tutorial coming your way ;) | Nearly time to see these boys again | Tea obsessed
Fifth Row - Cauliflower Crust Pizza - YES | Pink lips | Turdays and Kittens - she doesn't even like cats | Getting ready for London | Double bed gimmie
Bottom Row - Walking along the Thames for 3 hours | Made it to Tower Bridge | The City | Harry Styles is stalking me | New skirt courtesy of Spreaditfast and Warehouse - post coming soon !

It's been a good month towards the end, and hopefully lots will be starting soon so here's to the future !
I also want to take this chance to say today is the last opportunity to nominate Britton Loves for Best Lifestyle Blog + Newcomer Blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards - it would mean the world if I got shortlisted so plase click the link below, it only takes a minute :)

What's your best thing been in May, and what are you looking forward to in June ? Follow my instagram below too :)

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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