Sunday, April 27, 2014

Helloooo everyone !

It's been a while since the last SOTW but to be honest, there was a lack of inspiration after lusting after my style heroes early on. Then I was given the gift of Lily Collins' eyebrows and I am now obsessed.
Like seriously, it's unhealthy how quick this has obsession has started.

I have seen Lily Collins in films before and in magazines and have always thought she was super pretty, but after watching Stuck In Love (which I saw someone mention on their blog and I've scoured everyone I think it is but I can't find the post so, if it's you, thank you man) I was literally *heart emoji* all over her look.
Those brows. That bone structure. Just, uh, woman crush.

Her hair just looks annoyingly perfect long or short, blessed with a fabulous face that's great at any angle (not saying I dislike myself but, if you can be LC you will be LC), and generally has the style and fashion nailed.

Sigh, I need a Lily Collins makeover. Or a trip to the brow specialist.

Who's style are you currently crushing on ? Any fellow Lily Lovers out there ?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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