Friday, April 18, 2014

Helloooo everyone !

I was meant to get this up yesterday but between popping out, babysitting and feeling exhausted I had to attempt to get an early night in :(

The first thing when shooting this, mum decided to point out "ooh you look like Lucy Watson" - from Made in Chelsea for you UK readers. I did pull some unamused faces however I'm never going to have Watson's sass.

Glasses - Ray Ban | Scarf - Mums | Waistcoat - Twenty8Twelve | Top - H&M | Jeggings - Topshop (customised) | Wedges - Next
Luckily for me my jeggings were already starting to fray after a good 4 years use, so I saved some pennies by ripping some nice big knee slits in - bonus !
I am also aware of how grey/blue my clothes are but pastel shades would be a great introduction here and it's the transitional pieces that make this work for the changing weather. Denim cut offs, light tees, sunglasses - I'm excited for bare legs ahoy.

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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