Monday, March 31, 2014

Hellooo everyone !

Firstly, thank you so so much to all you lovely people who wished me a happy birthday on my last post - it was so heartwarming to see your messages :) As I had a very busy weekend I haven't done a SOTW but I am all ready and prepared with so many baking recipes and monthlies posts that we can forget all about that ;)

Let's kick it all off with a little Instagram round-up !

 Slick hair and dark lips | Watching O' Brother Where Art Thou |  Blogging glasses |  Feeling blue |  Editing my BLUE photoshoot |  Serious pancake incident |  Vegetable Flan recipe |  Laying my clothes out like a child |  Birthday Shopping | Getting nominated for BOTM on StyleFruits | Finally watched Step Brothers | Blue Mui Mui eyes | OOTD post in my fave crop | I woke up like this |  Trussardi heaven | Blue review | Hanging out with my fave baby | In the lead | Sun's out, juice time | Visiting my fave cute tea room
My fave is coming home | Cartoon Lauren ready to eat | Wrapping sister's birthday pressies |  Spring Lookbook | First batch of Vegan Cookies - heaven | Thai with Ellie <3 | A 1D Day |  Juicing Juicy | Vogues and Juice | My Birthday Wishlist | 11 Years Old | Two Way Oats ! | Crepes in London | Super Salad at Wild Food Cafe, Neals Yard | Butter London for £4.99 | Preach it Kevin G | Birthday cards begin to arrive | Party lookbook | One yera since One Direction *cry* | Night out |
VIP treatment | More thai food, more than you can shake a stick at | Marina, my style queen | Start of my HOW/WHAT/WHY series with photography | Cookie recipe | Baby Lauren | Talking about Veganism and healthy living | Kim-K living | Tapas with mum | My first make-up tutorial | BIRTHDAY PRESENTS | Recreating my fave hair-do as a kid | Party with my friends | With my favourite girls at afternoon tea | Made my own birthday cake ooh | The best tee in the world.

Wow, March was a busy and long month but it went so quick !
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Lots of Love to you all,
Lauren x
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