Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello everyoneee !

I hope you've all had a fabulous day - be it an awfully rainy one in Britain ! - and are ready for the weekend :)

Today is my Beauty post which was inspired by the classic Hollywood starlet looks, updated with this season's beauty trends and colours.

Red lipstick and a black cat-eye is a staple, no wrong can be done make-up look. But how does it work with new colours, clashing colours even ?

Well it seems to work quite alright !

 Mixing lilac and purple tones creates a great smokey eye effect similar to the blacks and greys of the night, but this helps make your eyes really pop - especially for greens I'd say.

White eyeliner is also a massive must this season, it takes some getting use to but it's brightening and a bold statement for your eyes. It's great to wear with a statement lip as the white simply brings more attention to the white of your eyes rather than a heavy black line.

Using a dark blue-red lip liner under your orange lipstick can also be a great trick if you're not sure about such a bright colour, plus it's a great way to wear it in the evenings. Orange is one of my favourite colours as a lippy so to tone it down for this look and make it wearable makes me very happy !

What I Used

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15
MAC Moisturise Foundation NC20
MAC Morange Lipstick
Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy LipBalm
Rimmel Lip Liner in Black Tulip
MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium/Dark
Rimmel Trio Eyeshadow (brown, for eyebrows)
Purples from M&S palette

This is a very bold look, I would probably tone down the eyes for the day time, but it's a great way to play with colours and update your make-up to move with the trends. Have fun, be bold and experiment with colours that match, contrast and compliment you :)

You may have also have spotted a cheeky Company magazine...
Yes, this is the issue I am featured in ! I subscribed to Company a while ago and received it in the post today and I have been carrying it around with me the whole time. It's so weird knowing that a good thousand odd people have looked at my shoot - bizarre !

For UK readers who don't subscribe it's out Wednesday so get buying ! And hopefully it is available soon internationally.

a sneak look at the front of the article ;)
I hope you enjoyed this look today, let me know if you'd try it and what else you'd like to see me do !
Also, thank you for all your lovely comments and support so far, I appreciate it so much <3

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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