Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why hello there all !

It's been well over a month since my last post but I can explain ! I've finally started my FMP and it's going so well, i'll be uploading images when they are all watermarked but it's an exciting project so far :)
So in the mean time i'll share some photos of what i've been up to recently :

Take Me Home Tour in Birmingham with Lauren (22nd March)
Showing my love for the Irish ;)
An amazing night !
19th Birthday - I have such great friends
19th Birthday at the Balti with a bottle of wine
Take Me Home Tour Part 2 - last night me and mum bought last minute tickets to see the boys again and it was SO worth it; Harry, Liam and Zayn waved and Niall did too appaz but both me and mum failed to video it and I didn't see it :( cry.

 So that's been my month so far, hope you are all having a lovely day and speak soon !
Lauren x
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