Friday, March 08, 2013

Hey Everyone !

Seeing as work is dragging atm and taking a lot of time to edit and prepare I thought I'd fill in the void with a little lusting list.
It's almost my birthday and although some of these items may not appear they nonetheless would make me a VERY happy girl !

FROM TOP LEFT > 1) Beyonce and Rihanna Tickets - yes I know these sold out pretty quick but I was either out or unaware the tours were happening and it's on my bucket list to see them live ! They're both two of my idols and also whilst we're at it, I wouldn't mind having their bodies either they are hot !  2) Canon EOS 5D Mark III - my teacher always says you don't need the best camera in the world, but I have dreamed of having this camera for YEARS. The quality would be amazing and I think it would be great for all my future creative work. 3) MAC lipstick in Red or Russian Red - as a pale girl I usually stick to purples and dark colours on my lips as they compliment best but knowing now that MAC do a blue-tinted red colour I MUST INVEST !! Hopefully I can swing by MAC in Debs to get a cheeky discount ;) 4) Macbook Pro - macs are great, need I say more ? We use them at college and will at uni too so I feel like I should get into the swing of using them at home too (please ?) 5) finally, I REALLY WANT TO GO TO V ! But none of my friends will owwww. I really like the line-up, it's got enough variety that I'll stay entertained. I would go to Glastonbury but I'm unsure who is playing (that's also on my bucket list but depends on the acts)

What are your lusts or must-have items ?
Have a lovely day,
Lauren x
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