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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

After a long day of travel, we realised we hadn't actually eaten any food since about 9am - a true atrocity for someone who revolves their day around food.

Before we flew to Ibiza, I'd sent the girls a list of some top rated vegan restaurants on the island and thankfully there was a cafe just a 15 minute drive from the hotel, so after swiftly showering off the heat and pool we hopped in the car and headed for Passion.

Passion has 5 locations around the island, with a larger main restaurant south east and the Santa Eulalia cafe boasting a lovely sea view and cosy atmosphere. The decor was a mix of blues and duck egg cladding (my dream) and the menu was even more impressive - a mix of veggie and vegan options, from burgers to salad, and pasta to what looked like the most amazing vegan cakes ever. By this point I was absolutely ravenous and ready to eat the menu in paper form if it meant being closer to food.

After a celebratory 'start of holiday' cheers, we tucked into our first dish - homemade houmous with pitta (because you can take the girl out of her houmous but you can't take the houmous out of the girl - wait is that how it goes?) mostly devoured by myself and Kelly because tummy needed filling.

And then came the mains *insert heart-eye emoji*

There was a variety of dishes, from Kelly and Jaye's salad, to my vegan burger, which I will say looked a lot like raw meat and tasted a bit odd, but I was more than happy with the fresh salad and super salty chips - because after intense heat and travel, what could be better than chips?

Classically, we had eyes bigger than our bellies and ate until we were stuffed, so skipped dessert and went for a walk along the coast, but if you do ever stop by, please have the Oreo milkshake on me, it sounds divine.

With sunset approaching (and half an hour left on the parking) we did what any group of girls with cameras would do - snap snap snap away!

In all honesty, the area of Punta d'en Castelló was beautiful and surrounded by panoramic views of the bright blue ocean, perfect to peering out and contemplating life, and even more perfect for taking endless photos of water and skylines.

Something else I wanted to capture was all the girls - or as many of us - together, as it's so easy to ask for solo pictures for content, but forget you're experiencing all of this with 4 other people, and it's nice to have collective memories of you all together.

I've known Jaye for ages and we started hanging out more this year, and we're too oddly alike for my liking - similar birthdays, same prescription, both now partial to a chai latte since I discovered there's no coffee in them - and she's also a cracking driver, getting us safely around the island every day. Kelly and I had crossed paths once before but after sharing a room together, we've become bosom buddies (literally) and I think her energy really helped boost me a lot during the trip. Leigh had me in awe over her amazing style, ability to look good in every outfit and every photo, and I loved that she was interested in spirituality and vegan food, a very calming presence we all needed. And Jess was just in the know, she could have you packed and ready for any adventure fast, and if you needed someone to talk editing apps and tips with it was her.

I want to do a post similar to Kelly's on girl gangs and having a girls' holiday, but in such a short space of time we really did connect and click together perfectly to make the trip so easy and stress-free, and I miss them on the daily (thank lord for WhatsApp!)

With dinner walked off and plenty of photos taken, we headed back to the hotel to drop our stuff and headed to the supermarket for some super cheap Spanish wine (seriously it's cheaper than water) and set up camp in the courtyard to chat the night away. I know it's bad to talk politics on a first date, but we really let it rip on everything, hence why I think we all got so close so quick, which I love!

After 3 or 4 hours of everyone get a bit more tipsy and discussing practically everything under the sun, we hit the hay ready for a long, hot day, and some serious magnetic views...but that's all next time!


I was invited on this trip by Enterprise and Talented Talkers, however all views on food and gal pals are my own!

Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

I feel like I've started most beauty posts recently with 'since I switched to cruelty-free...' which I'm sorry about, but as I've been switching out products and having to find new ones, I've been making some awesome new discoveries.

Whilst I'm pretty much done with 90% of my routine now (both skincare and makeup), there's been a few new additions I'm trying to determine whether I need space for them or if they're going to be a miss in the long-run, and get ready, because this post is about to get smelly...

If you're a fan of long-wearing high-coverage bases, then PÜR Bare It All* may just be the one - it's a slightly thicker formula which would make it more suitable to normal/oily skin-types as it takes a bit of buffing to blend it evenly, but once it is it looks natural on the skin and stays put for at least 8 hours, 12 if you're okay with a bit of natural oils coming through. It has a slightly summer scent to it, almost a mix of cucumber with suncream which is quite subtle but noticeable when you first apply it, but disappears almost instantly. It's cruelty-free and vegan friendly, and mixes well with other bases if you need to slacken the formula or warm up your shade (which I do currently as it's way too light for my slightly tanned skin at the moment). All in all, I'd say it's great for coverage and oily complexions, and certainly one to consider for longevity.

Also from PUR are their On Point elf sharpening lip pencils*, which I love the concept of and have been my go-to for a majority of my pinky-red shades lately. Depending on how you twist the cap, it will sharpen the pencil so it's always ready to use, and there's no mess either! If you have a lot of lip shades and want to prime/prevent bleeding from darker shades, than the clear liner is a fab option, plus it's the perfect balance of wax and cream to make gliding and lining easy.

I'd never really thought about cruelty-free perfume, but after Shay and Blue reached out for me to come visit their boutique which specialises in cruelty-free fragrances, I was very intrigued. It's easy to forget about other areas of beauty being cruelty-free, perfume being one I thought 'duh, obviously' afterwards, so to hear about the brands ethos whilst getting to experience their unique blends was really interesting. The founder used to work at Jo Malone and Chanel, so had excellent background knowledge when it came to creating his own fragrances, and one that I picked up has become a cult favourite - Atropa Belladonna*, which was featured in last year's M&S Advent Calendar and caused quite a surge in popularity, and has since become my daytime favourite that I also love to mix with heavier notes.

Price-wise, it's more affordable than JM but that doesn't compromise on quality - I also have Suffolk Lavender* in a smaller size which has a more soft and feminine scent true to fresh lavender, and feels a lot lighter than other fragrances that include it. If you get chance to swing by their boutique, go and explore the beautiful decor and try the amazing range of unique smells - from Watermelon to Oud, there's literally any combo you could want!

Another body brand that prides itself on scent is Charlotte Rhys, a range that has everything from perfume to body lotion, room spray to candles. Created in South Africa and recently launched in the UK, the range is cruelty-free and vegan friendly which is great news, and has about 5 different scents for each products. Personally, I'm not a fan of the packaging as it feels cheap in comparison to the products, and some of the scents are a bit over-powering, but if you get the right fragrance for the right product then it can be a great base for perfume if using the body lotion, or freshen up your room if using the room spray.

St Thomas is probably my favourite scent, quite manly and warm which is something I go for a lot in fragrances as I like spice and depth - as a room spray it's a bit much in the summer but come winter I'll potentially use it to add to an already cosy atmosphere. Whether I'd buy it again is up for debate, but I really love the diverse range of fragrances and the concentration of the scents.

My latest favourite I've tried is Bramley, and I only got this through the post late last week but my lord I am loving it! You know the drill by now with it being CF/VF, but it's also made with 100% botanical ingredients and smells so so so good - I've already used 3/4 of the mini Geranium, Lavender, and Sweet Orange* bubble bath which is so nice before bed, the Juniper, Sweet Orange, and Bergamot Body Lotion* is soft and hydrating whilst smelling reinvigorating and relaxing at the same time (magic?), and the big Lavender, Geranium, and Petitgrain Hand Lotion* has taken pride of place at my desk to keep my hands soft and smelling good all day long. I'd love for there to be a festive version of their products come autumn/winter as I adore the formula, and the scent is such high quality it's worth every penny for relaxing smells to smother your body daily.

Overall, a very (pleasantly) smelly post that's hopefully got you ready to start Monday all fresh and revitalised - now someone pass me the lavender body lotion, I need to relax again...


Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Let's flamingo-go-go!

There aren't many places I'd call a home away from home, but Hostal Flamingo is definitely one of them; situated North-East of the island and surrounded by dry grassland, Hostal Flamingo is for islanders looking for somewhere quiet and calm to enjoy the weather without the full-on atmosphere of clubs and nightlight. Sure, there is nightlife - we were serenaded by party-goers at an ABBA karaoke one night which was not a problem at all - but it's mainly chilled families, couples, and locals who stick true to the hippy lifestyle that inhabit Es Canar mostly.

Hostal Flamingo is about 40 minutes from the airport, and after a long morning of travel we were more than ready to unpack and unwind in the sunshine before getting started with the rest of our trip - the pool was definitely calling our names by that point.

The hotel is a small boutique which really made it feel private and safe, not to mention totally photogenic with all the flamingos dotted around! With only 27 rooms, you're not really going to bump into many people during the day, nor are you going to have to share the pool as most people go explore the island for the most-part, so if you’re after tranquility or just want to be left alone, this is the perfect place to escape.

Speaking of rooms, they're a good size for twin, double, and singles, with a balcony and small bathroom, and some fitted with air-con and others an over-head fan, which was such a saviour thanks to our pal Heatwave Lucifer. I bunked with Kelly which was so nice as we were able to get to know and bond with each other better (I still miss her telling me how cute I look every morning), Leigh and Jess were together next door so I could conveniently pass suncream to them over the balcony, and Jaye was down the hall where she could rest from being the total champion of only named driver of the trip - she did great fyi.

After a quick change into swimsuits (one pieces all round because being scrunched up on a plane for hours gave us all odd lines/just wanna suck it in) we headed to the pool which was all ours for the afternoon! Being able to dip into a pool during 32 degree heat is nothing short of a blessing, and also the perfect opportunity for several splashing Boomerangs which we fully took advantage of ;)

Knowing that we only had a short time, we fully soaked up some sunshine whilst taking snaps of one another, did a few laps/just bobbed in the water to cool off, and made plans for dinner - because if you can't find friends who revolve their life around food, then you need new friends.

Before we get to dinner, let's discuss the cute courtyard - dotted with wooden tables, comfy sofas, and lots of pink birds as friends, it's the perfect sun and shade trap to enjoy a drink either from the bar or local supermarket. Coupled with dappled sunlight from the palm trees and delicate pink flowers, it was potentially my dream photo location, and each morning we'd pick up fruit and freshly baked bread rolls from the buffet table with a bottle of peach juice and copious amount of coffee and peppermint tea to get our day started - I’m definitely missing those bread rolls still.

One of my favourite parts of spending time in the courtyard was our late night wine-fuelled bonding sessions (okay, I was on the water); we came home from our first meal and wandered down to the local supermarket to pick up a few bottles of wine that were dirt-cheap, cheaper than water, and set ourselves up with some big glasses and candles to chat the night away. It was probably one of my favourite moments from the trip, and really threw us in the deep end of getting to know one another but there was no pressure, and honestly these girls were a dream to travel and talk with *gets soppy*

Finally after a few hours of swimming, snaps, and suncream, we piled into the shower to freshen up for dinner, before getting a few sunset snaps on the balcony and out-front because it was truly glorious, but if you wan't something even more glorious (aka chips and carbs) then you'll have to tune into my next post....

Our stay at Hostel Flamingo and trip to Ibiza was courtesy of Talented Talkers as part of a campaign with Enterprise Cars, all thoughts and opinions and love of swimming pools are my own.


Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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